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Ocean Reef WA 6027

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Mon-Fri : 9.00AM – 5.00PM

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    We have our office and warehouse in Ocean Reef in Perth’s northern suburbs. Our products are available online only, via our website.

    ​ We try and update our Facebook and Instagram pages when we have new shipments or products. We also fairly regularly drop a blog post onto Facebook and Instagram, so to keep up with the latest in all things Shungite related, make sure you like the page.

    ​ If you want to reach out to discuss anything Shungite related, hit me up on my email. I am always eager to talk to people interested in this wonderful material. I am also always on the lookout for new and interesting things to write about, so if you would like some information or suggest something to blog about, I am all ears and would love to hear your suggestions. I am always trying to add video content as well, so any suggestions for videos would also always be welcomed.

    ​ I am here to help you, nothing is too hard so let me know what you want or need and I will try my hardest to help you out.

    Shungite Polished Cube